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Important Air Duct cleaning & maintenance tips

Taking proper care of your air vents at home requires a certain amount of understanding with regards to why, how and when inspections, cleaning and maintenance should be done. So if you want to know a little bit more, have a read through these insider tips written by our professional team at "Air Duct Cleaning Union City".

Clean vents mean fewer odors

Homes with pets, smokers, damp areas and few windows have a tendency to smell, and more often than not the owner is used to it and doesn’t realize it. These smells can be almost impossible to remove, and when there isn’t much air flow, trying to hide the smell can make it worse. If the ducts are dirty, and these kinds of homes they are more prone to, it can be problematic with regards to odors. A dirty duct will only carry more contaminants, and won't be able to regulate clean and fresh air inside.

Clean your ducts to keep your health

The indoor air quality of your living space is directly related to the health of those that are usually in it. This is because breathing in dust, dirt, fluff and microscopic mold spores can often lead to severe infections, rheumatic ailments and allergies. When ducts need cleaning, it can severely hamper their ability to regulate the quality of air, in fact they can often add to the problem. Besides that, having clean ducts will make them work more efficiently, and therefor save you money.

The importance of checking the air quality at home

The indoor air quality inside your home is a measure of how many contaminants the air in your living space contains. Knowing this is a good way to determine how affective your vents are working. If the quality is low, it could be that there is a leak somewhere and you need some air duct seal repairs, it could also mean that your duct is dirty, and just needs a good cleaning.

Inspect your air ducts every now and then

A poorly maintained air duct can lead to quite a few problems. They could get dirty and spread mold spores and germs as a result, lowering the quality of the air in your home. They could be leaking from a damaged seal and are ineffective as a result, or making you lose money on power bills. That is why it is important to have them inspected about twice a year, so that if a need for maintenance or air duct cleaning arises, you can deal with it before it becomes a problem.

Every type of vent needs to be cleaned

It doesn’t matter if what kind of vents, ducts, dryers and exhaust systems you use to ventilate your living area, they all filter dirt on a daily basis, and are therefore all liable to get dirty at one point or another. This means that absolutely all of them also need to be cleaned on a fairly regular basis. Neglecting to clean your vents can lower the indoor air quality in your home, which can lead to illnesses, odors and allergies if left unchecked. In cases of dryer duct vents the performance won't be as effective, and it can also lead to a fire in extreme cases.

Clean your ducts to avoid allergies

The purity of your air at home can have a direct relation to any allergies or rheumatic problems you could be experiencing. Air vents that need cleaning do nothing for the quality of the air in your home, and often enough just play their part in circulating contaminants around the living areas. This is why it is so important to have them inspected and cleaned regularly, to ensure that everyone in your family is breathing fresh, clean and healthy air.

Change your air filter when needed

The filter in your HVAC ventilation system is responsible for the initial sorting of dirt and dust from the air which passes through it. Because of this, it tends to get caked up with debris, lint and fluff fairly quickly. Because of this, it is important to change your air filter fairly regularly. If not, it will have trouble filtering the air properly which could lead to higher levels of contaminants in the air. Changing the filter every month or so is a great way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Act quickly if the vents of the HVAC system are dusty and dirty

Unless you have done something to contaminate them, this indicates that there is a lot of dust and dirt inside the air ducts of the system. They have to be cleaned immediately to restore the safety of the indoor environment. If there is damage to any system component or to the sealing and coating, repair will be required.

Families with pets will benefit from more frequent air duct cleaning

This is because pets shed a good amount of dead skin cells on a daily basis. They produce serious air contaminants primarily due to the fact that they are potent allergens. With air duct cleaning, you will prevent the circulation of these contaminants around the house. Of course, you should also replace the HVAC air duct filters and vacuum the floor and upholstery regularly.

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