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Frequently asked questioned answered by professional air duct cleaners

If you want to understand more about something, the first thing to do is start asking the right questions. So for more information about how and why you should have your vents cleaned, here are some of the questions our technicians at "Air Duct cleaning" our most frequently asked. Read on to learn the importance of keeping your ducts clean, about common cleaning methods, and more.

Will cleaning my ducts remove bad smells from my house?

One of the greatest benefits to having your air ducts cleaned is that it goes a long way to combating unpleasant odors inside the house. People with pets, smokers, damp areas and dusty climes in their homes may find that these odors are more often than not frustratingly stubborn. That’s because they often circulate through the vents. So cleaning them will really help get rid of smells.

Why should I have my heating ducts cleaned?

Heating and dryer ducts can be somewhat hazardous if they are left uncleansed for too long. This is because they can often get bogged down with residue and lint collected from the air. This lint is a highly flammable substance when the buildup becomes too large. Considering the heat that these systems provide, you could imagine why tufts of flammable material end up being a dangerous combination when clogged inside.

How do I know if the air quality in my home is low?

It is often enough easy to tell by yourself, if the area smells constantly damp or dusty, or if there are any other odors you just can’t seem to shake it could point to a problem. A heightened level of allergic reactions in your family members can also be a tell-tale sign. But when in doubt, having a professional conduct a test on the indoor air quality will tell you for sure if the vent needs a cleaning.

How often should I check my ducts?

By rule of thumb, ducts should be cleaned once a year. But conducting a professional inspection on the state of your ducts is best done twice a year. This will ensure that you spot and avoid any problems before they arise, and make sure that you get an effective clean in when you need it. Professional air vent cleaning is not something that should be neglected, it is not good for the levels of contaminants in the air.

Do all kinds of vent systems need cleaning?

Regardless of the vent, whether it is an HVAC system or a dryer duct, they all have the same needs. All kinds of air vents need cleaning at least once a year, and even more often if they are operating in harsh environments. There is no such thing as a system that is completely self-cleaning, some may require less than others it is true, but all of them need attention at some point.

What are the health benefits of having clean ducts?

Clean ventilation systems contribute greatly to superior indoor air quality which means that the air in your home is purer, contaminant free and healthier to breathe. This would be especially noticeable to anyone who is sensitive to allergens and respiratory disorders which can be brought out by mid to high levels of contaminants in the air.

How often should I change my air filter in my HVAC systems?

Air filters function to block the bulk of debris and residue from entering your ventilation systems, and as such they are the first things to become dirty in your system. A blocked filter can cause your system to struggle, contaminate the air greatly and even become a fire hazard if left unchecked. That is why it is important to change air filters as often as possible, in some cases even once a month is a viable strategy.

Can cracked ducts be fixed?

Cracked ducts are usually fixed with air duct seal repair. Though, it will depend on the extent of the problem. There are different types of cracks and in some cases it wouldn't be in your best interest to repair the ducts. In this case, our experts suggest air duct replacement.

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